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Music in the Mail is a small non-profit classical music service exclusively for experienced and knowledgeable classical collectors. We offer little support or service for the casual CD buyer. We ship our sales orders 4 times per year. Be on time or left out! No membership fees, Lowest Classical Music CD prices. If you are willing to trade some time, the convenience of credit cards and toll-free numbers, you can save about $3.00 per CD. So, if cost is a major factor and you can wait over 30 days to get your CDs, Music in the Mail is here for a few refined and cultured people who enjoy Classical Music. We can supply 200 classical CD labels. Here are our astonishing prices on a few of these labels: Naxos -$6.25, CPO $11.50, Hyperion -$14.75, Chandos - $12.75, BIS -$13.50. Complete Yellow CD sales lists show our prices on every label we sell. CD sales lists.

NOTICE: Music in the Mail cannot supply the major US labels like: SONY, RCA/BMG, LONDON, EMI/ANGEL, DG or PHILIPS. Their scale of pre-purchases prohibits us from selling them. To FIND any CD title via a search engine, To FIND a supplier of a Major US Label or to learn MORE about any web topic on Classical Music.... simply try Classical. Net

(For orders from "Out of Print" CD sales list.) 1 to 4 CDs $6.00.
For orders from "Latest CD Orders"(Offered 4 times per year) - Minimum Order is 15 CDs . Shipping: $12.50 15-20 CDs, or $15.00 21-40 CDs

Here are some of the CD vendors whose products we supply. Please visit their sites for news of the latest CD releases and come back to buy the CDs

Chandos Records
Harmonia Mundi Distributors

Naxos USA
Hyperion Records
Koch International

Qualiton Imports Distributors
Albany Music

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